Collection by Diana Budds

Kids' Rooms We Love


Kids' rooms often tread transitionary territory when it comes to modern design. What might be good for a five-month-old may not work well to when he or she is five years old. The residents of these seven houses found ways to accommodate their growing broods while still maintaining their unique aesthetic sensibilities (ie. not succumbing to a toy-strewn existence). With clever space-efficient structures that subdivide rooms to ample storage that makes it easy for kids to clean up after themselves to bright textiles that can easily be swaped out when the wee one no longer likes them, there's no shortage of ingeneuity in the slideshow that follows, a follow-up to our popular round-up from 2009.

A small bed for Maja is tucked under the eaves on the other side of the photo wall.
Uma has a private room just over the wall from her parents.
The beauty of the design is that there's no one way to use the space; the architects let the children determine how to...
One wall section in the playroom juts in to sidestep a mature tree outside, while slender windows allow the kids to...
For now, Kimi, age six, and Darin, age two and a half, happily share a room and bunk bed.
Teague plays in his Hiya crib from Spot on Square.
Maple performs in the basement playroom. The basement windows are coated with a polycarbonate greenhouse glaze.