Collection by Diana Budds

Karoline Fesser


Inquisitiveness motivates German designer Karoline Fesser, who lives and works in her hometown, just outside Cologne. “When I started to think about design, I didn’t even know the term ‘design’ existed,” she says. “I was questioning and examining objects, asking myself why things are as they are.” Fesser, who studied at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences and apprenticed with Dutch designer Ineke Hans, hopes one day to design an object that people can use throughout their lives. Her universal pieces often reflect a level of customization, ensuring that they can grow along with their users. The extremely adaptable Woonling chair, which debuted at SaloneSatellite in 2013, and her newly launched 96° shelf system prove that Fesser is well on her way to realizing that dream design.

Fesser's Woonling collection chairs.
By adding or subtracting circular cushions, the Woonling chairs can be configured in a variety of arrangements.
Fesser's Sample Avenue glasses.
96° shelving system.
Another configuration of the stackable 96° shelving system.
German designer Karoline Fesser aims to create customizable works that owners can put their own stamp on.