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Karen Collection: Stones Sconce


Our Stones Sconce hangs elegantly from the ceiling, and can be powered by a black cloth cord that plugs into any wall or floor outlet, or hardwired from the ceiling canopy. Shown with the black cloth cord, this option's diffuser can be adjusted for height along the stem. When powered from the ceiling canopy the diffuser is fixed in it's position. One of our most nimble fixtures, the adjustable version allows installation without the need of an electrician and can be relocated easily as you redecorate.

We think our Stone Sconce works beautifully with this wallpaper...
These Stone Sconces are powered at the ceiling canopy, and connects directly into the dimming system of this NYC...
The light source, a dimmable 1.5 Watt LED ring light, is magnified by the sandblasted diffuser creating a beautiful...
We love this light fixture's sculptural integrity whether it's on or off.
The Stones Sconce diffuser is 14" diameter.