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Landscape architect Tait Moring installed pavers around the structure’s perimeter and kept the tree cover intact.
Ample windows cut into the north elevation of the Valentine House, behind which live the architects.
For 2015, Vipp, the Danish industrial design company known for its iconic trash cans and all-black kitchens, introduces...
At the base of Echo Mountain in Phoenix, a geometric home by Wendell Burnette opens up to the surrounding desert...
The Boglis love the self-reliance afforded by generating thermal energy and growing a garden on their roof.
To create visual depth, the entrance of the Thorax House’s gray stucco facade is marked by a black aluminum canopy.
The concrete plinth supports the planters and deck while concealing a foundation of concrete pylons.
The house, which is located near Oxford, is clad in cedar.
The paint does more than add visual interest, it contributes to the net-zero home's overall sustainability.
“So many houses seem like they’re completely still and heavy,” says Dencity architect Staffan Svenson.
The shutter system creates a stunning interplay of light in the front patio space.
The open terrace is fitted with recessed lighting by Foscarini and a StoneTile floor.
A pool located just outside the dining space and master bedroom echoes the home's angular forms.
The kitchen offers clear sight lines to the rest of the living space and, through the windows, out into the countryside.
The owners shared Turnbull Griffin Haesloop’s dedication to green design, and agreed to modifications—like solar panels...
A bright-orange polyurethane coating rescues the dugout from any suggestion of darkness or dinginess.
Like the pavilion holding the public spaces, the structure containing the bedrooms is clad in glass on the interior...
Another peek at the perforated interior windows, which are made from cropped sections of the steel wall in the...
The residents use either the black steel staircase or a glassed-in elevator by Wittur to get around the house.

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