Collection by Luke Hopping

Japanese-Style Homes with Engawas


A time-honored design element, the engawa describes the wide corridor, protected under eaves, that skirts the perimeters of a traditional Japanese house. Here, we highlight five indoor-outdoor homes with modern-day engawas.

The entire interior wall opens, extending the house visually and socially into the small garden that lies between the...
This Carlsbad home has a tertiary space that space is known in traditional Japanese homes as the "engawa.” To sustain a...
The Lai family—Mayuko, baby Shota on her lap, David, Maya, and Yumi sitting on a cushion on the deck—relaxes in their...
The 57-foot panoramic window was inspired by traditional "Engawa" houses in Japan.
The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.