Collection by Luke Hopping

Japanese-Inspired Homes Around the World


Cut off from much of the world until the 19th-century, Japan's architecture has been readily accepted and adapted in countries from New Zealand to the Netherlands since then.

Kiku leans on the “dai koku bashira” as Mika looks on from a barstool from department store John Lewis.
This Carlsbad home has a tertiary space that space is known in traditional Japanese homes as the "engawa.” To sustain a...
The sunken bathtub in George Nakashima’s Sanso Villa mimics the shape of a swimming pool on the grounds.
The striking black facade of Pieter Weijnen's home in IJburg, Amsterdam, is the result of the Japanese practice of...
The traditional Japanese bathroom is located just off the central passageway between the two parts of the house.
Sævik compares her house to a contemplative hideout. “It’s very quiet,” she says.
A small terrace outfitted with an H55 easy chair by Björn Hultén offers a view of the San Francisco Bay.
Like many traditional Japanese bathrooms, Wilkin and Pini’s is clad almost entirely in wood.