Collection by Zachary Edelson

Japanese Designer Reimagines the Relationship Between Architecture and Furniture


According to Oki Sato of multidisciplinary firm nendo, filling any room with mass-produced furniture leaves the space dull and "evened out." When every design is crafted to fit any context, everything looses its edge. Sato's striking and minimalist pieces, now appearing in a Tokyo gallery, challenge us to approach furniture differently.

Sato's border tables are on display at the Eye of Gyre gallery in Tokyo, Japan during that city's eponyous design week until October 28.

What if funiture could approach its context differently? Sato describes how most furniture "inevitably [tends] to...
Each border table is constructed from square metal rods almost one-fifth an inch wide; they hold circular metal disks...
"By walking around the gallery we went through a special design process of being inspired by elements that are normally...
Sato describes how "the design utilizes the element of space as a part of its structure by “parasitizing” on to the...
The end of each metal rod is colored white to help it seemingly disappear into the architecture.
Against a white background, the effect is even more startling.
While some border tables extend into the room, others almost defensively hug corners.
More images from the gallery.