Collection by Kelsey Keith

Jack Lenor Larsen's Greatest Hits


To accompany our profile on the iconic textile designer in Dwell's October 2013 issue, we rounded up a few hits from the Larsen design archives. While these are only a small sampling of his decades of work, they represent some of the designer's best-loved fabrics and collaborations.

For Louis Kahn’s First Unitarian Church in Rochester, New York, Larsen designed a series of gradient wall panels that...
Larsen Design Studio created an extremely complex terry cloth towel collection in the 1960s for J. P. Stevens, then the...
Larsen learned about ikat while traveling in central Asia and Afghanistan in the 1970s.
Jason, a diaphanous drapery fabric—a loose weave, metallic thread, and random striae—was custom-designed for the Miller...
My first print collection was Spice Garden, in 1955; I commissioned a great draftsman [Don Wight] to do a fabric called...
“Originally, Remoulade was a hand-weave, and it was expensive but popular,” says Larsen.

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