Collection by Megan Hamaker

Issues of Modern Across America


For the last decade, Dwell has made a point to seek out the most fantastic and innovative homes across America. Join us as we walk down memory lane through ten past issues that focus on incredible modern design from sea to shining sea.

MODERN ACROSS AMERICA Inspired Homes in Unexpected Places September 2003, Vol.
MODERN ACROSS AMERICA 5th Annual Issue: Exeptional Homes in Unlikely Places October/November 2004, Vol.
AMERICA GOES MODERN Homes from Coast to Coast October/November 2005, Vol.
AMERICAN MODERN New Homes, Tranformed Cities October 2006, Vol.
THE NEW AMERICAN HOME Good Design Makes Good Neighbors October 2007, Vol.
MADE IN THE USA Modern Homes Across America October 2009, Vol.
YOUNG AMERICANS 32 New Faces of Design December/January 2011, Vol.
MADE IN THE USA American Design Makes a Comeback October 2011, Vol.
AMERICAN MODERN Brilliant Design Across the USA October 2012, Vol.
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL Incredible Modern Design Across the USA July/August 2013, Vol.
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