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Issue 10: Artful City


Naomi McColloch

Aya Brackett

Sean Dagen

Tony Bennett’s 1960’s classic “I left my heart in San Francisco” rings true for Curio Editor Marcus Hay, who has spent much of the past 5 years working in this inimitable city. And like so many others, he has slowly become hooked on her golden glow, rich creative history, iconic pastel row houses and the irrefutable sense of community that one feels when walking down her charming neighborhood streets.

One cannot deny the immeasurable change the city has undergone as a result of the tech boom. As housing prices continue to skyrocket, the astronomical rise in social-economic inequality has forced many locals to leave their lifelong neighborhoods. But the soul of the city is hard to shake, and there is still an undeniable creative force that is helping keep the artful essence of the old San Francisco strongly in tact.

And so this, our special 10th issue of Curio Magazine is dedicated to them - the artists of San Francisco – as we shine a spotlight on 7 of our favorite businesses that are maintaining San Francisco’s reputation as the as the “Artful City”.