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A Brazilian Architect Builds a Dream Home For Her Parents
A pair of empty nesters call on their architect daughter to create a home that fulfills their retirement wish list.
A Kinfolk Inspired Remodel Coming Soon in Los Feliz
Most people would've run in the opposite direction. It was dark, boarded up, and occupied by squatters.
Inside Case Study House #21 by architect Pierre...
A collection of six architectural homes in Los Feliz known as Habitat...
Habitat 6 is a collection of six modern homes in Los Feliz delivering architectural details rarely seen at this price...
This is where Frances and Larry live.
The Hailey Residence is repeatedly on my Christmas list.
A home where bohemian and conservative ideals come together and collide.
Michael decided to bring Palm Springs to his Los Angeles home.
An interior glass courtyard anchors the central living areas—the dining room, foyer, living room, and kitchen all...
The units don't even require foundations—simple ground screws from Krinner are enough to support them.
Seeking more space and a connection with the city, an artist and a designer turn an old Toronto storefront in Dundas...
In the bathroom, a thin pane of glass separates the shower; an Aquaplane sink by Lacava hovers above...
One unusual fact about Dia:Beacon is that the galleries are lit almost entirely by natural light.
Surrounded on all sides by a sweeping Canadian hayfield, the 23.2 House is an angular ode to rural life.
Workstead wall-mounted lamps illuminate a photo from Cloud Series by Matthew Williams. The bench is by Hugh Acton.
The kitchen features many built-in and hidden features.
Wooten anchored the kitchen with a faux-bois coatrack from France.
The couple retained the strongest architectural aspects of the house, such as the existing arch in the hall, and did...
The old wood floors throughout the open-plan space are painted a dark eggplant. The vintage PP19 armchair is by Hans J....