Living Room, Sofa, Coffee Tables, Bookcase, Shelves, Storage, and Rug Floor In the living room of their Vancouver home, Omer Arbel and Aileen Bryant sit on a Coronado sofa by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for B&B Italia. They are joined by their Weimaraner, Bowie, boa constrictor, Picasso, and milk snake, Legs.

“I have a casual approach to prototyping that involves our day-to-day life. I am always tinkering, and I have lots of transformers to run electricity through things, but Aileen lives with me now, so I have to be respectful. Before she moved in it was like a total madhouse; now I can’t pour concrete in the kitchen. It is a collaboration in a sentimental sense. This work is my life, and the objects are my objects, but how they are arranged and the flow of each room are something we’ve created together here.”  127+ Inspiring Interior Ideas from Love Animals? This House is for You