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Interior design of Genetic Laboratory


Our clients required from us to create original interior with contemporary and modern look to impresses and surprise with its vision.
This is a photos of realization of one our project of Genetic Laboratory in Sofia, Bulgaria. We created space with modern and futuristic vision, polished surfaces and bespoke design elements. We designed Reception Desk with lighting to be accent in this area. The material is fiberglass. We created and corner sliding doors, where doors are closed they are marked by light - lab1, Lab2. Between these two corner doors are two doors to other rooms. The shape of the four doors is curved, these elements serve as handles. We are designed the toilet sink. Two elements with transparent bottoms. Just put your hands between them and the water will flow. And don't worry for your legs they will stay dry :). We wanted in this interior the feeling to be for one different world in other time. The used materials are: fiberglass, technical stone, wood panels with polished finishes, and very quality lightings.

The laboratory contain reception area, offices, working spaces, presentation room, conference room, toilets and other rooms. Each of them was designed by us with the same passion and attention to the details.