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Ray Kappe-Designed Multilevel House in Los Angeles
Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe built a multilevel house for his family back in 1967, and the results still resonate today.
The Pace of Portland
When creative director Ben Watson and his partner, painter Claudio Tschopp, relocated from Basel, Switzerland, to Portland,...
The new spaces recall the original design with their use of natural materials like wood and stone.
The entry to the house allow multiple sight lines through the house to the various courtyards and...
The interiors of many of Muennig’s houses emphasize natural building materials such...
The sleeping loft is fitted with mahogany rails.
view when you walk in front door. operating principle. doctor livingston you're in the jungle in the far.
traditional japanese farmhouse, same organizing principle. connected to the earth.
A Bright...
The view from the dining area extends across the lanai to the lawn, which never needs watering—it stays...
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