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Bold Design Invigorates This Formerly Cookie-Cutter Midcentury Home That’s Asking $345K
The stylistic approach for The Black House, the newest project on offer from the Phoenix-based Knob Modern Design, can be summed...
10 Thoughtful Ways to Incorporate Trees Into Homes
Although many architects today are doing everything they can to create projects that work closely with nature, it's not as common...
From the kitchen and living room you’re well connected to the courtyard and the rest of the house.
An existing brick wall was dismantled, cleaned, and rebuilt to celebrate its patina .
Maximizing usable space while minimizing poché, each storage core contains all of the rituals of daily living—toilets,...
These Courtyards Bring Indoor/Outdoor Living to 10 Modern Homes
Now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, consider how a courtyard can bring you closer to nature...
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