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Integrated Outdoor Living


Girasole Sonoma is a Landscape and Exterior Design Studio that promotes integrated outdoor living. Girasole Sonoma is dedicated to creating balanced outdoor environments that celebrate the interaction of of plant, human and design elements.

Poolside Chaise Array- IPE deck with horizantal slat fence to match.
Path up to the pool with shade structure transition.
Old Barn makes a great back drop to this chaise...
Sonoma Farm House Update.
Daybed in the shade.
Sonoma Farm House Update. Creating indoor-outdoor lounges...
Hillside Oasis- IPE deck, concrete and gravel. Ribbon of plant material to add softness and texture.
Hillside Planting- Verbena, Lavender, Rudbeckia, Cardoon, Calamagrostis, Agave. Uphill- native manzanita and oaks.
Hillside Oasis- Nestles in the hills of Sonoma, a clearing was created for pool, spa and lounge.