Collection by Luke Hopping

Instantly Appealing Awnings


Sometimes a little sliver of shade at midday is all the vacation you need.

This close-up view really gives you a sense of the awning's purpose: The four glass planes and metal hardware affixed...
Designed for bookselling, this stand offers booksellers storage and book-buyers seating.
The large expanse of windows that now surround the house feature remote-operated awning and roll shades by Mechoshade...
Lap siding, a brise-soleil awning and white accents are reference the architectural vernacular of this coastal part of...
This 1960s home in Austin is nicknamed the Butterfly House for its dramatic awning.
A perforated metal awning tops Method Homes' prefab Paradigm home, seen here at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles.
A wavy retractable awning structurally defines the outdoor space of this prefab pod concept in South Africa.