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Inspiring Wood Designs (Interior)

A row of Nahtrang pendant lights creates an axis, anchored by the enormous custom bookcase framing the dining room...
"The couple work opposite schedules yet both live fascinating lives so they wanted a house that they could co-exist...
A key request from the client was ample room for books.
A cast-in-place concrete kitchen island features a cantilevered concrete dining table.
The team’s design philosophy was “not to have too many ideas,” and instead focus on a few key aesthetic moves that...
One entire wall of the space is dedicated to storage.
Structural changes were immediately made to the original shell to bring in more natural light.
The main bathroom is only partially separated from the sleeping area by a glass partition.
Uninterrupted cement flooring was chosen for the mezzanine.
Futuristic floating stairs lead to the loft’s mezzanine.