Collection by Nadja Sayej

Inside This Modern Tower Is an Idyllic One-Man Sauna


Münster-based firm Modulorbeat recently built a one-man sauna on an abandoned steel factory site as part of a year-long festival exploring the economic uncertainty of the region surrounding Bochum, Germany, a former industrial hotbed. The 25-foot-high tower is made from stacked precast concrete units. With three floors and a lounge deck, the compact unit includes a plunge pool, a sauna, and what the firm calls a relaxation room on the top, offering a stunning view of the sky.

The one-man sauna is created by three architects at modulorbeat, Marc Günnewig, Jan Kampshoff, and Sebastian Gatz.
The slim, 25-foot-high tower adds up to a mere 140 square feet, spread out over three levels.
Visitors are meant to progress from level to level at their leisure.
Visitors climb from level to level via a retractable steel ladder, which begins at the ground-floor plunge pool.
On the second floor lies a timber wood sauna with two-level seating.
The top level contains a wood lounge with a retractable roof.
One can climb up another ladder, built into the concrete walls, to get a view of the surrounding landscape.
The view from the top of the tower.