Collection by Amanda Dameron

Inside the Herman Miller Headquarters


As part of our ongoing feature The Full Spectrum, a video series that focuses on color theory, we were invited to get a personal tour of the famed Herman Miller headquarters in Holland, Michigan. Encompassing several buildings and set amidst bucolic hills and fields of corn, Herman Miller is a quintessentially American company dedicated to modern design, sustainability, and social responsibility. Over the course of two days, we got an insider's look at their manufacturing facilities, testing areas, showrooms and—most exciting of all—their amazing library of archives. Here we share some snapshots from our trip, but stay tuned for our third and final video in which we'll delve into greater detail about color, materials, and Herman Miller's legacy of modern furniture design.

We began our day at the GreenHouse, Herman Miller's manufacturing headquarters.
Inside the manufacturing facilities, huge skylights make for a most picturesque factory floor.
The Greenhouse, designed by architect William McDonough, is the site of both the North American seating manufacturing...
We visited the part of the building devoted to heathcare, an important part of Herman Miller's offerings since 1972...
We happened upon this original screen of a design by Alexander Girard, called "Hand & Dove", which was created for...
This year's Herman Miller...
Next stop on the tour was the Midwest Distribution Center, which houses Herman Miller's extensive archives.
Inside the building, a timeline illustrating the history of the company runs the length of the hallway, at left.
An original packing crate.
The film portion of the archive contains everything from internal corporate pieces and ads to film clips that feature...
Susan Lyons, who heads up Herman Miller's color and materials division (and who will be featured in our upcoming video...
Lyons showed us her favorite of Girard's designs, a vibrant fabric called Palio.
We headed over to a big warehouse space to look for hidden gems.
One half of the master mold used to make the Eames Plastic Armchair.
Aaron (with white gloves, no less!) holds a splint designed by the Eames.
Furniture designer Gilbert Rohde, Herman Miller's first design director, created this sales brochure, entitled "A...
A trio of original Rohde–designed pieces, created for the 1932 World's Fair in Chicago.
Next we toured the Design Yard, a Gold LEED-certified facility.
The stylized X shape on the barn doors at right reinforces the farm motif.
Aaron Britt, in a moment of jovial repose.