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An Art Exhibition You're Invited to Touch


"My collection to clay is deep," says ceramicist Romy Nothover on the occasion of a one-day show focused on her modern interpretation of the ancient art.

Romy Northover's understated vessels celebrate the sense of touch.
At the NES Creative space in New York's Tribeca, Romy Northover showcased a collection of ceramics, sculptures, and...
Ceramicist Romy Northover's tool kit, which she chose to display as a celebration of the handmade nature of her craft.
An architectural sense of space is often the inspiration for Romy Northover's designs.
A selection of Polaroids on display offer a glimpse into Northover's practice.
Captured in a black and white photograph, this vessel shows the subtle play of textures at the heart of Northover's...