Collection by Jaclyn Sienna India

Inside Chile's Hotel Antumalal


Peek inside the Hotel Antumalal in Chile, a newly renovated modernist retreat designed by a protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Hotel Antumalal, or "corral of the sun" in Spanish, is a masterpiece of design created by Jorge Elton, a disciple of...
Looking back at the hotel from afar, set within the cliff, the Frank Lloyd Wright influence is evident.
Nestled in Pucon Chile, an area well known for its outdoor allure, the hotel draws both adventure and nature-seekers.
The hotel’s furniture are all reproductions or originals designed by the owners Catalina and Guillermo Pollack and...
In the hotel's restaurant, floor to ceiling glass lets in plenty of natural light.
Guest rooms have beautiful beechwood paneling and plush white carpets. Rates start at $239 including breakfast.