Collection by Zachary Edelson

Innovative Uses for Aluminum in Modern Homes


A prohibitively expensive materials 200 years ago, aluminum is now ubiquitous in contemporary kitchens. However, as these five homes demonstrate, that isn't its only place in modern design.

Two layers of aluminum woven-coil drapes hang outside the large, south-facing windows above the living area.
Carle revived the home’s exterior by recladding it in fresh cedar planks, local stone, and black anodized aluminum.
When midcentury enthusiast Margaret Riley purchased a rundown Los Angeles ranch, she turned to architect Cory Buckner...
Composed of 220 aluminum "light shelves," the solar reflector screen is the focal point of the front façade.
The entrance leads to an open walkway, sitting area and mail area beneath the open-air public floor of the building.