Collection by William Harrison

Innovative Tropical Homes


These dwellings aren't content to revel in their balmy locations. Instead, they make impressions all their own, while still effortlessly coexisting with their immediate habitats.

Finished in 2013, the 3,660-square-foot Casa Incubo was built from stacking and sliding four shipping containers to...
“In this house, the roof is the only facade—the rest is dissolved beneath it.” —Architect Aljoša...
When architects Melissa and Jacob Brillhart set out to design a home for themselves in downtown Miami they drew...
Radamés “Juni” Figueroa lived in his art project tree house, made from found materials, for two fortnights, as part of...
The white 3,300-square-foot house pops from the surrounding tropical landscape with a strikingly minimal form.
The dining area feels like an extension of the pool, with water channels on two sides.

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