Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Innovative Outdoor Libraries in Russia


Three ‘book-objects’ created by Alexander and Daria Kudmova Butahinoy of the Moscow-based Ruetemple Architectural Studio offer ways to store books and save space. Furnishing the outdoor, public space of Park Muzeon and its Bauman Garden, these ‘objects’ reimagine the book’s natural habitat while offering shelter to books and booklovers alike.

Designed for bookselling, this stand offers booksellers storage and book-buyers seating.
A suspended skylight, the glass awning lets readers (like this one) peruse the shelves from above.
Enticed by the bookstand’s offerings, one reader picks and chooses, casually using the awning as a sunshade.
Constructed in Moscow’s Park Muzeon for Archiwood and Office 17, the book pavilion accommodates those with larger...
Thirsting for more than knowledge? Moving beyond books, the pavilion features a bar for those who fancy a nightcap...
This outdoor bench-bibliotheque brings new meaning to the phrase ‘surrounded by books.’ Promising to bring...
The fogged glass walls of the book bench insulate as well as illuminate so readers can find their favorites anytime of...
Breaking the boundaries between park and library, Ruetemple’s book-objects invite the quiet crowds in a Moscow park to...

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