Collection by Dominique Logan

Inner Dimension

The outdoor hearth is primed for cooking in the summer.
In their previous life, the boards were bleachers for a school sports stadium.
Tedesco's father was a precision machinist and his uncles worked as welders and carpentry framers.
“Typically in close city lots, all the light comes from the front and back of the house, so that the center becomes a...
Rolling cabinets by Sandusky proved a handy storage solution in Hutchins’s studio.
When Brill purchased his residence, a onetime warehouse for mid-century lighting fixtures, it was subdivided.
This 17,000 sq. ft. (1.600 m2) villa by Abiboo is located in the South-Hamptons with the sea surrounding the plot on...
Here's "reALIze" viewed from the front.
The Koi bicycle rack, designed by Juliet Whelan of Philadelphia's Jibe Design Architecture.
Pulley system for pot rack using a recycled bicycle...
Sage Design Studios transformed the developer-flattened landscape into a picturesque desert setting with naturalistic...
The Burkes eliminated glare by minimizing the number of windows on the east and west sides of their house.
A loft floor looks over the living room which in contrast to the slate flagstone, uses steel plate flooring.
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