Collection by Erika Heet

Ingenious Concrete Buildings


These beauties are a great reminder why architects love the hard stuff. Employed in everything from towering skyscrapers to underground lairs, concrete is the material of choice for eccentric modernists—click through for a few highlights.

A square hole in the ground and a concrete slab are all that demarcate Byoung Cho’s Earth House from the surrounding...
Though their unit was gutted, Peart and Weisgerber were highly attentive to the remaining details of Safdie’s design.
The innovative skyscraper, which is 82 stories tall, features an undulating shape designed to capture views of Chicago...
The Broad, the new concrete, steel, and glass art museum under construction in downtown Los Angeles, is nestled between...
The perforated concrete panels on the façade of Casa Delpin.
After months spent researching solutions to make her home’s fabric roof functional, Lisa Sette can finally relax.
After purchasing a thin, L-shaped lot in Tokyo, Tamotsu Nakada asked architect and friend Koji Tsutsui to create an...

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