Collection by Aaron Britt

Industry Gallery: Getting to Now


Industry Gallery in Washington DC is the only gallery dedicated to 21st-century design in the US, and they've got a new show up right now that's of some interest. Getting to Now: Pathways to 21st Century Design is on through August 21st, and what intrigued me was no so much the roster of splashy designers it shows off (the Campana Brothers and Marc Newsom, for example) but a trio of DC-area designers and artists holding court with the big guns. Have a look to see what the mid-Atlantic is contributing to the national design conversation through the work of Joel D'Orazio, Tuesday Winslow, and Patrick McDonough.

Artist Patrick McDonough's work, entitled 100907 Tire Swing is just that.
Here's what D'Orazio has to say about his Dive Club...
A higher profile designer, the Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell's Skin series is also on display at Industry Gallery.
Here's another instance of the Skin series by Nacho Carbonell.

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