Collection by Megan Hamaker

Indoor Gardening Kits & Tools


Spring brings with it a sense of renewal and fresh growth, but we can't all enjoy the luxury of an expansive outdoor gardening space. For those of us in small and urban spaces, growing your own indoor garden can be a wonderful way to bring the feeling of spring into the home. Try any of the great kits we've put together here and don't forget some of the tools you'll need along the way.

The earth-friendly Potting Shed Creation produces leak-free paper bags full of soil; space-challenged gardeners simply...
If you want a row of pots on the windowsill but are afraid to plant because of a busy schedule and a tendency to forget...
It only takes about four days to start seeing the first shades of green sprouting from these Haute Culture mini gardens...
Everything you need to grow organic basil—soil, seeds, planter.
Some indoor plants need a light mist every now and then, in addition to watering due to dry indoor air.

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