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Independence House


Located on the site of a former farmhouse, this compact modern home takes formal and material cues from the landscape and agricultural structures of the surrounding area. The massing of the home is monolithic to the north and west, protecting it from prevailing winter winds. Openings were selectively placed to allow some filtered northern light, and framed views of the wetland to the east, with the primary focus of the large window areas being toward the south. Deep overhangs prevent solar heat gain during summer months, while floor to ceiling glass allows sunlight deep into the spaces of the home during winter months.

The primary shed-like forms of the building further relate to local agricultural structures in a material and textural sense. The home is constructed with thermal mass concrete walls and corrugated core-ten siding. Inside the home features materials such as hand scraped wood and stained plywood floors. All cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as bedroom closets were designed using IKEA products – as a means of keeping the overall cost of the project down.