Collection by Luke Hopping

Incredibly Slender Houses


Narrow sites present designers with a unique spatial challenge. Building upward might add square footage, but it won't make a structure the width of a subway car feel any less claustrophobic. These eight slender homes maximize space and light with freethinking design solutions.

On an eight-foot-wide site in London, architect Luke Tozer cleverly squeezed in...
House NA from 2011 has glass walls and a steel structural frame containing a matrix of tiny rectangular rooms and...
The cleaned-up, refined front that was approved by the planning commission would be easily recognized by the house's...
A private raised patio in the small backyard further extends and expands the space into the outdoors.
Imai House by Katsutoshi Sasaki +...
Storey calls this house the “Eel’s Nest,” after the narrow urban properties that go by that name in Japan.
Home Renovation Tip: Get an Understanding of What’s Already Around...
The dining table, made from a single piece of teak, is a little over 13 feet long and was custom made for the space.
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