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Bocci lighting as seen in the home, from the pages of Dwell Magazine and beyond

"In the dining nook adjacent to the kitchen, there is a Bocci 21 light and a vintage table.
Omer Arbel, the creative director at industrial design firm Bocci, was given three parameters when he began designing a...
"Across the room is the first 25 bench I ever made; it was salvaged from a now-closed restaurant I codesigned, called...
Three 28.1 Single Mini pendant lights by Bocci hang above a dining table that was custom-built by the owner and her...
After removing two small kitchens from the original building, the home’s new kitchen dominates the second floor,...
“Many of my pieces are first-runs from Bocci, so I am the first to figure out if something is wrong [with the design].
Above the sink in the kitchen, you can see one of Bocci’s first 57 chandeliers.

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