Collection by Allie Weiss

Impressive Urban Renovations


Renovating in dense urban zones comes with its challenges: little space to work with, strict building codes, and neighbors with strong opinions, to name a few. These renovations in cities were able to overcome the challenges and create inviting, spatially efficient homes.

If Dayton is in the middle of a project, a large sliding door closes off the space entirely.
Perhaps Workstead’s most liberating move was to flip the position of the refrigerator from the galley wall to an...
The cleaned-up, refined front that was approved by the planning commission would be easily recognized by the house's...
A ceiling-hung projection TV, aimed at a white wall, frees up floor space in the living room, where David Carmel’s...
The renovation was designed to preserve and call attention to the angular pattern of the crisscrossing concrete ceiling...
Peeling back plaster and drywall they unearthed beautiful brick walls.

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