Collection by Eujin Rhee

Illustrator We Love: Thibaud Herem


The beauty certainly lies in the details for London-based French illustrator Thibaud Herem. At first glance, his architectural rendering handiwork seems photographic, but upon closer inspection, the magic reveals itself in the meticulous pencil and Indian ink hand drawn detailing the illustrator is known for. Here, a glance at the illustrator's affinity with line and crosshatch patterns.

Drawing of the Fontainebleau's castle in France for Frédéric Cassel to be the visual on the prestigious patisserie's...
Detail of the Fontainebleau.
Piscine Saint-Georges à Rennes, built in 1925 by hometown architect Emmanuel Le Ray.
Detail of the Piscine Saint-Georges.
Department store Liberty on Regent Street in London's iconic Tudor-style building designed in the 1920s.
A nightclub housed in a former theatre and Grade II* listed building in Camden Town, London, England called the Camden...
Nearly six months in the making, Herem at last completed his illustration of the University College London.
A portrait of British philosopher Jeremy Bentham.
The historic George Inn Pub on London's South Bank.
A colored sketch of Ouest-France's old building in Rennes.
Herem's design for the Big Egg Hunt UK. The winning bid's profits will go towards Action for Children, a children's...
Herem's Draw Me a House published by Cicada Books is an interactive coloring book that features architecture such as...
Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in rural Pennsylvania, yet to be colored in.
Digital media agency Zone commissioned the illustrator to design the wallpaper for their London studio/office.
A more imaginative coat rack.