Collection by Dylan Jones


Merchandise Mart Illustration: Worked alongside The Integer Group and Pella for licensing my illustration of the...
California Republic: A new take on the California Republic flag.
American Made: Simple insignia utilizing the bald eagle and U.S. flag elements.
Shiny Brass: Listening to Miles Davis play his trumpet while creating this illustration.
Raging Bull: Illustrated this simplified graphic bull. It has a Picasso esque feel mixed with my modern style.
Easter Bunny: Russian Hare grasping his Fabergé egg.
Flight of the Crane.
BYRNE Illustration: This illustration is one of a series created for BYRNE leadership via Detergent Design.
Nibble Fox, Full Moon: Another illustration in my downtime.
Pentax K 1000: I love my Pentax and still use it once and a while.
Leica M: Love the simplicity of this camera by Leica.

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