Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

IIDA NC Honor Awards


The International Interior Design Association Northern California Chapter threw their party of the year on March 2 to toast the 2011 IIDA NC Honor Award winners. At the historic Fox Theater in Oakland, California, hosts Charles Uehrke and Nancy Graham played up a packed house of designers representing the chapter's regions, which include San Francisco/East Bay/North Bay, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Fresno, and Honolulu. The jury reviewed projects in six categories represented in the past (Live: Anyplace one can call home, Work Big: Office spaces over 20,000 useable square feet, Work Small: Office spaces under 20,000 useable square feet, Play: Where we entertain ourselves, Shop: Where we sell goods, Serve: Where we meet, WOW: Best of show) plus one new category, Heal: Spaces that nurture our bodies and well-being. Here we feature the honor, merit, and notable winners of each category (noting that not all levels are awarded in each category and multiple winners can be announced for each category).

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