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Lara and Ethan Pagnier have hosted over 40 travelers since joining Airbnb, and it's easy to see what attracts them.…
It's up to the homeowner to decide what to do with the additional 160 square feet; here, it's staged as an office. The…
The front facade upcycles wood from the pallets used to ship in the cabinets.
The two units in the duplex share a wall in the main house, so Rios continued the mirrored effect by placing the…
The master bathroom features brass mirrors, light fixtures, and hardware, taking visual cues from the brass accents…
Rios describes Unit B as the more feminine of the two units. Here, black and white cabinets feature a glint of brass…
A pool is still the focal point of the courtyard, but its modernized, streamlined design makes a dramatic statement.
The shape of the home flares towards the front of the lot, expanding from private to public space.
Blending indoor and outdoor living, a hallway leading from one end of the house to the other features a cutaway.
Offered at $674K, This Hybrid Prefab Is in Tune With the Californian Desert
In the high desert landscape of Yucca Valley, California, the rectilinear Graham Residence cuts a striking figure…
Students Pass Their Class by Building a House in New Zealand
A family provides some real world experience for a group of architects in training.
“We tried to envision just two floors, but once summer arrived we decided that we were going to tear the roof off and…
“The third floor was a brilliant second or rather third conversation that D’Arcy sketched out in minutes,” Waddell says…
In the office, the ash floor gives way to slats that turn skyward at a 90-degree angle to form the balustrade.
Upstairs, an open hallway connects offers access to the bedrooms, bathrooms, and an office.
The stairs are coated in orange lacquer.
The stairs are partically hidden behind a slatted ash screen that supports steel bookshelves.
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