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An Incredible Brazilian Home That Celebrates Art, Travel, and Nature
In Franca, Brazil, mf+arquitetos designs a unique residence for their art-loving client in just five months.
Light spills in from the double doors Lucky installed, which lead to the front yard and recall the Southern Californian...
Brill’s Prius sits under the solar panels, which supplies the energy for the house's lighting, air-conditioning and hot...
When Brill purchased his residence, a onetime warehouse for mid-century lighting fixtures, it was subdivided.
An existing lightwell was filled-in to create space for a concealed laundry area at the rear of the main bathroom.
BSC designed suspended powder-coated and walnut open shelves to demarcate the kitchen from the rest of the living space.
The first floor holds the living room, which includes a Morsø 3440 wood-burning stove and a pair of Mags sofas by HAY.
While checking in, you’re welcomed into an open-air space that’s surrounded by locally-sourced TK wood.
The bathrooms are filled with North Shore toiletries and custom ceramic floor tiles.
Cohen and his wife, Sally, sit in the dining room, which along with the connected living room, is a focal point of the...
Living Room /...
Built on a gentle slope on the Westport River, less than a mile from the coast in southeastern Massachusetts is an...
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