Collection by Arkin Tilt Architects

Idea Garden


With a beautifully tended landscape already providing fertile ground for bringing together people and ideas, this renovation elevates the house, bringing grace, comfort, and energy efficiency to a drafty Victorian that had been poorly appended over time.

The original Victorian remains spatially unchanged, but the renovated kitchen and dining room have an open ‘Zen’ sensibility connecting light-filled spaces to the surrounding garden via long visual site lines and a generous veranda roof to the west.

The whole house received a complete insulation and air-tightness wrap, which – with simple passive and active solar strategies at the new addition – create year-round comfort. Natural and recycled materials bring character to the simple spaces. Local craftsmen and sculptors were engaged for the ‘tansu’ tub, uniquely carved bathroom door, live-edge entry bench, and dining room table made of reused bowling lane, anchoring the venerable structure in its artful garden setting.

Ed Caldwell...
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