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Behind the Scenes at Richard Neutra's VDL Studio & Residences


This year, we visited the 4th International Iconic Houses Conference in L.A. and were lucky enough to tour some of the most influential pieces of architecture in existence today.
Follow us through Richard Neutra's own home in Silver Lake where he lived and worked from 1932 until his death in 1970. To learn more about the story behind the house, make sure to read about the story here:

The front of the VDL Studio and Residences is made up of a set of angular lines and reflective surfaces.
The many layers of this house becomes clear when you look at it from an angle.
The courtyard helped bring together both sections of the house with a pocket garden.
Perched on a piano towards the front of the house is a wooden model that was developed by Cal Poly Pomona students.
The separation between indoors and outdoors is almost unnoticeable.
This view looks from the courtyard into the garden house, where the director of the VDL Research House resides.
Everywhere you look, there are places set up to enjoy the lush outdoor areas.
The windows on the second floor open up a surprising amount for the era in which it was built.
The deep overhangs on the front of the house increases air flow throughout the property.
Here, you can see how the surrounding trees reflect off the various panels of glass on each level of the house.
The entire property is filled with plant life that's distinct to Los Angeles.
The pair of Boomerang chairs in the living/library space upstairs came from a design Neutra created in the 1940s for...
The rooftop is lined with rich succulents, which are well taken care of to this day.
This view looks into the roof deck room where Mrs. Neutra used to encourage visitors to spend the most time.
This seating area is one of the first thing you see when you enter into the middle garden.