Collection by Marianne Colahan

Iconic Furniture Designs by Josef Albers


Bauhaus member and modernist pioneer Josef Albers was best known as an influential color theorist, writer, teacher, and painter. But the artist took his exploration of color into furniture design, creating pieces that married the Bauhaus ideals of elemental form, intersecting planes, clean geometry, lightness, and darkness, with thoughtful experimentation with color. These four furniture pieces, all of which were preserved before the onset of World War II, have been expertly reproduced and are available at the Dwell Store.

A modern reproduction of a 1926 set of tables, these nesting tables show Josef Albers’s mastery of color.
Based on a 1928 design, this tea table, crafted in solid white oak with a lacquered glass top, is defined by the subtle...
This bookshelf is a reconstruction of Albers's original design, created in 1923 as a magazine stand for his Bauhaus...
This writing desk was built by Albers in 1927 for the Moellenhoff family.