Collection by Kurt Kohlstedt

Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis


When Michael Suomi of Stonehill & Taylor describes the $25 million interior redesign process of the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, he calls it a "multi-part architectural narrative." Included in the story line are themes of industrial production and a broader "Made-in-America" strategy. Though materials and manufacturers were priced globally, Minnesotan options turned out to be both less expensive and more fitting, making this project a worthy prototype for designing with regional sustainability in mind. We tour the hotel to see the efforts in action.

Fans of classic northern European design traditions will recognize the aesthetic influence of mid-century architects in...
The dark-windowed, eggshell-white exterior is unassuming.
A spacious great hall with white walls, panels that look like cross-sections of tree trunks, gray slate accents, and a...
As the Hyatt’s John Yeadon explains, the need to break up larger and more impersonal elements was a major force driving...
The entryway was radically changed, which helped improve circulation.
An in-depth lighting study led to significantly rebalancing light levels throughout the common areas.
There are numerous overt and subtle nods to Minneapolis and Minnesota culture, from a Post-It Note and packing-tape...
In the newly renovated Hyatt Hotel in Minneapolis, rooms are conservatively appointed with high-quality but...
Hennepin Avenue and Nicollet Mall—the main thoroughfares for automotive and pedestrian traffic, respectively—stretch...
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