Collection by Nadja Sayej

How to Do Berlin: Rent Out This Modern House Boat


In Berlin, Germany, brothers Chris and Oliver Laugsch bought a one-of-a-kind house boat for their vacation rental company, Welcome Beyond. Initially built as a home by a Dutch designer, the Modern House Boat is a three-room, 645-square-foot floating hotel. Instead of crisp sheets and room service, they offer a stellar city view and blissful peace and quiet.

The boat is a trimaran, a multi-hull steel-constructed boat with one main hull and two outrigger floats.
“My brother and I were searching for a place of our own that we could rent to people visiting Berlin,” says co-owner...
The 645-square-foot boat is built on a frame made of anodised, steel H-beams. The exterior is covered with pine slats.
In the living room, there is an iron fireplace by Danish manufacturer Aduro.
A wooden patio wraps around three-fourths of the house boat.
Two large mirrors cover the wall in the bathroom. A small pine box on wheels holds towels.
Rates start at $225 a night for four people.