Collection by Ivane Soyombo

How to Design with Pink


The color pink is traditionally associated with many things, including love, luck, and good health; perhaps that's why these homeowners chose to include splashes of the color throughout their abodes.

In the foyer, Deam left one surprise: The neon-pink guest bathroom is hidden behind heavy, dark-gray walls.
He created the star as a prop for a photo shoot. The kitchen cabinets benefit from a pop of rosy color, a custom hue.
Being on the ground floor has its benefits—namely a bit of outdoor space.
Clémence and daughter Clara, nine, relax on a purple Pierre Paulin 261 sofa below an installation by artist Alan...
Inside the Wibowo house in Puyallup, Washington, the space is spare but infused with color because "painting is the...
Eric Grunbaum added a hot pink powder-coated faucet by Vola for the downstairs bath in his Venice Beach home.
A garden path in the backyard was paved with discarded marble windowsills and stone doorframes.
The architectural office below the living quarters is compact, with just enough space for shared workstations and a...
A slatted walkway leads into the new library, which the Gimons have outfitted with a Topissimo rug by Nani Marquina,...
The cork stairs with a rope railing lead down to the kids’ level.

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