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How To Cleanup Your Home After A Burst Pipe: Here Are Some Tips


How To Cleanup Your Home After A Burst Pipe: Here Are Some Tips

Water damage from a burst pipe can come without warning. It just goes boom! And your basement is flooded, your floor is under a few inches deep of water, your furniture soaked, and your family trapped in a water world. 

Water pipes can burst primarily due to increased pressure exerted on its walls or joints. It can because of a sudden water pressure change that your old water pipes cannot handle or it can also happen during winter months when frozen water inside the pipes expands and cause failure of the structure. 

When dealing with water damage, it is important to know what to do so you can prevent more damages to occur. 

Turn off Water Source 

Before thinking of calling companies that offer water damage removal, you have to first turn off your water source. This is a crucial step to take because it stops further flooding of the affected areas of your home. In case you do not know where to turn off or how to turn off your main water supply, it will be best to know before such disaster strikes. Knowing this can save you thousands of dollars. 

Also, turn off the electrical power at the affected section of your home. This is for your safety and just to make sure no one working to help clear your home will be accidentally electrocuted. 

Assess the Water Damage

Once you have turned off the water supply, you can do an initial assessment of the water damage. If the amount of water is beyond what you can handle or if you have no idea about the extent of damage, it will be best to call companies that offer water damage removal. Move water drenched items from the affected area and sort through them. Throw out what you think can be thrown out as keeping these items without proper drying and restoration can promote the growth of molds, which up risks of health issues. 

Dry Out Water Damaged Areas

If you can remove the water yourself, then do it and start drying the area as soon as you can. You can use buckets, rags, mops, sponges and the whole cleaning arsenal if you must. However, if you think it is better handled by companies that offer water damage removal services, then call the professionals in. They have the proper equipment and techniques to do the job efficiently. They also follow certain standards to ensure that the affected area will be safe to use. 

Take note that if an affected area is not dry within 48 hours, mold can start to grow. This is why you need to decide quickly and hire water removal services in order to prevent more damages to your home. These experts make use of tools to detect moisture hidden deep within the different parts of your home and they can use their equipment to make sure these areas are treated properly. 

Cleanup And Restoration

Water damage removal services often come in combo with restoration services. Experts can help cleanup the contaminated areas of your home and sanitize them as necessary.

We compile some tips from companies that offer water damage removal on how to save your property following an incident that caused water damage. Check out what we have for you at