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How perceptions have changed in just a few decades with Home Insulation


Only a few decades ago it wasn’t at all uncommon to build a house and not insulate it. So what has actually changed? How has the focus on quality home insulation developed over time? How has wealth changed the way we perceive necessities? And what are the implications for the future?

Sustainability - Working Towards a Greener Planet

Today most people would probably agree that renewable energy and sustainability are issues that need to be addressed. This new way of thinking has influenced a lot of the changes we see in our world today, including insulation. Many years ago nobody would bat an eyelid if they heard that ther neighbor was building a house without insulating it. Insulation was almost seen as a luxury for the well to do. People rarely spared a thought on how much energy their household was consuming, let alone the consideration that there could be a need to conserve it. Heating was a necessity. Now that we recognise the need to sustain our natural resources, concepts such as insulating new homes have become standard practice.

Rising Energy Prices Also Have an Impact

Rising energy costs have been the topic of heated debates over the last decades. Headlines such as “Power price rise eclipses inflation” and “Household power bills rise 3.8 per cent, Govt must step in” shine a spotlight on the problem of how to heat your house and pay for it. Years ago when electricity prices were more affordable, it was probably only the environmentally aware, or those doing it extra tough, who consciously did their part to save energy; while rising prices in recent years have forced almost everyone to rethink the ways they use gas and electricity. This could explain why insulation companies have noted a significant increase in the number of thermal insulation enquiries.

Over time, the improvement in our standard of living has also shaped our definition of luxury. Items that would have been considered a luxury years ago are now standard in most homes. If you want it, you buy it. In the building industry the same thing is happening. It’s no longer acceptable to build a house without at least some of the added comforts – such as home insulation .

House Insulation - Non Negotiable in New Homes

Including a strategic insulation plan for the construction of a new home is now considered a given. To what extent this is a result of a shared interest in sustainability, an increase in energy prices or a shift in expectations for people living in a well-to-do society is difficult to determine. But it is certain that a combination of these along with a range of other factors has shaped the way we prioritise home insulation today.