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How Boxy Would You Go? A Look at Modern Box Homes


One easy way to convince your neighbors of your modernist inclinations is to opt for a flat-roofed, box-like home. These linear retreats make the most of the simple form with a range of exterior treatments.

Churtichaga and de la Quadra-Salcedo purchased a parcel of former farmland to build their vacation home twelve years...
Architect Joaquin Castillo blends inexpensive materials, the odd splurge, and a refined modernist sensibility to create...
Architect Ben Waechter wrapped the upper floor of Nick Oakley’s house in inexpensive black corrugated steel.
The facade of the three-bedroom house sports a series of extruded pine boxes, which create sheltered spaces that stand...
A basic box that’s as tall as it is wide (28 feet) and 16 feet long, this Portland, Oregon house consists of rooms...
Though the daughter didn’t want all-glass walls, natural light and airflow were key.

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