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This is near-zero consumption home, anticipating the European standards set for 2020, has three main thrusts: high energy efficiency, high quality and a short execution timetable.

Mapout is a company that provides both development and construction services: the design team also constructs the building. In this way, we strive to recover architectural experiences from the past that we believe are essential.

Fro the outset, we have tried to extend the enthusiasm contained in the project and the sketches to the building stage. To achieve this, we have received sales promoters, attended product installation courses, thought with our hands and come to regard construction as part of our studio: a 1:1 model. Moreover, the search for new commissions, the do-it-yourself movement and the ease of applying its techniques that interest us, rarely considered in the building industry, has led us to change our paradigm and expand the usual concept of an architecture studio to the idea that the people who design a project can also be the ones who build it. This approach has helped us to detach ourselves from the bureaucracy associated with conventional building practices and allowed us to investigate unusual construction techniques and processes: to regard architecture as a product.

Cross laminated timber structure is the finish material.
The house is one big timber...
The house inside a house are the bedroom and the...
Detail 1:1 Cross laminated timber, Mixed windows Wood/Aluminium ETICS insulation.
Cross Laminated timber...