House in Fukaya


- A large roof embraces the family -
This flat house stands in the middle of the northern Kanto Plain; an area that gets hot in the summer and windy and cold in the winter. A young couple and their girl live in the new house that is situated within a vast estate and surrounded by vegetable fields. On our first visit to the site we were greeted by a sudden late afternoon shower and had to rush to shelter under the eaves of the house that previously stood there. While the site is within commuting distance from the Tokyo metropolitan area, nature remains a powerful presence. As a result of our visit, we began to think of a welcoming architectural form that would co-exist with the surrounding natural environment and gently embrace the lives of the family members. The house is characterized by a roof with eaves that extend 1.5 meters in all directions. There are almost no partitions inside, resulting in a large open space. Like a big tree under which the family members can rest, the house embraces its inhabitants and provides a relaxed and comfortable life close to nature. The large roof allows the house to be expanded in any direction as the family grows or their lifestyle changes.

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