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The 5,700-square-foot getaway features glazed screens surrounding the living and dining areas.
Moving Mountains
Rebuilding on a challenging site in Mill Valley, California, a couple optimize a winning view that was there all along.
Fusing Entertainment and Design, This TV Doubles as a High-Tech Art Display
Launching today at the Louvre in Paris, The Frame provides a new way to express yourself in your home that brings together art,...
The home’s geometric silhouette echoes the classic typology of the region’s gable roof barns.
The home’s elevated location means its occupants can enjoy the slow rise of the full moon while staying warm indoors.
A centralized fireplace was built into a custom, multi-purpose cabinet welded from sheets of hot-rolled steel.
The project’s unique challenges—a tight budget and steep, difficult terrain — led the architects to a creative solution...
Cottage Black in nestled in the aspen grove below the main house.
The views from the cabin are much more embedded in the grove, compared with the big mountain views from the main house.
Exterior details reference the immense verticality of the aspen trees.
Black and white, shadow and...
Much of the details edited away, Cottage Black is a strikingly simple, strong piece of architecture.
The “black object” is all but completely hidden from the main house.
White oak takes center stage inside the main entrance.
The great room in the 2,800-square-foot house that architect Drew Lang designed for his family in the Hudson Woods...
H+L House
The project is composed of two familial houses joined together on the first floor with covered garages and swimming pools. The projected houses are set back...
House of the Week: A Striking Slope
Every week, we highlight one amazing Dwell home that went viral on Pinterest.
Montreal-based practice YH2 reimagines a traditional archetype.
Here's What Norse Mythology and Modern Architecture Have in Common
From skiing to soaking up the sun, a family retreat for all seasons.
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